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The Perks of IP Telephony

The VoIP telephone system is wildly used today, and the analog system is slowly being faced out. This telephone system uses the internet to relay calls. VoIP phone system which stands for Voice over Internet protocol phone system is technology that businesses are adopting today because it enables them to use the internet, not just for data transfer but voice as well during telephone calls. For those who are not sure if these upgrade in the telecommunications sector is good or not, here are a few perks of using IP phone systems.

First, it can be used anywhere on the planet. Internet protocol phone systems use the internet just as the name suggests; this means that whenever there is an internet connection, this phone system can be used and seeing that a large percentage of the planet has connectivity, this becomes a great phone system. You can make quality phone calls to anywhere in the world when you use IP telephony such as from Yealink Phones Dubai.

Another benefit of IP telephony is that it is relatively cheap compared to analog phone systems. They do not use telephone lines used in analog telephony which makes it possible to bypass the telephone companies which makes it possible for phone calls to be cheap. If you have made international calls you know how costly they can be, however, with IP phone systems it is possible to make a long-distance call without causing a dent in your bank account.

You do not have to keep changing your number whenever you leave a certain region that is covered by a particular company. The internet makes it irrelevant to keep changing your line which is convenient because at times changing your line means that you need to keep notifying everyone that you have a new line with which they can reach you. In this respect, IP telephony from Yealink Supplier in Dubai is advantageous.

The IP telephony has a lot of features that have benefitted not just individual but businesses as well. You just don't make calls only; there are features that enable, teleconferencing, voice-to-email transcription, video to name but a few. All these features help you save costs because you can get so many services in a single IP phone. Trust me; it does not get any better than this.

Last but not least, IP phone systems are so easy to install and configure compared to the traditional phone system. It is not confusing, and if you know a bit about networks, you cannot be confused.

These are the benefits of IP phone systems that you need to know about.
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